'Living with Mom' is a short documentary which profiles three men in their 50's who have returned home to live with their mothers; Chris, African-American, lives in Venice CA, a father of three, working as a cook in a restaurant owned by his cousin.  Having lived a few years with the mother of his children, plus a couple shorts stints in prison, he prefers the familiarity of the home and neighborhood he grew up in. Patrick returned to his HIV positive mother's condominium in Palm Springs CA as a last resort after a series of major life setbacks; he lost his job in construction, and lost his family after a domestic incident which has separated him from his children for the last two years. While desperately searching for employment in an industry that has suffered greatly from the economic crisis, Patrick has gotten sober which has enabled him to look into himself and the problems that caused him to land back at home. Steve returned home to Pasadena, CA as a full-time caretaker to his brother whose Parkinson's disease progressed to the degree that his aging mother could no longer care for him alone. Sacrificing his independence for the sake of his family, Steve's daily life consists of taking his brother and mother to doctor's appointments, and looking after their basic needs, while finding momentary solace in the comfort of strangers at a local bar. 

As a middle age man in American society, living with your mom is highly stigmatized and universally looked down upon, but through these three profiles the viewer begins to question their prejudice against what is normally regarded as failure, and empathize with families surviving complicated circumstances together.

Living With Mom is currently in post-production.  Running time:  14:30